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Transform your sinking soft bait into an explosive top water sensation with the all new Corona™ Swimmer Universal Floating Head

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How It Works

The Corona™ Swimmer is a universal, flexible, foam floating head that fits over most soft bodied jerk baits, worms, creature baits or tube jigs.

The front portion of the soft bodied lure is placed inside of the hollow cavity of the head and is secured in place with a rubber stopper.

Each soft foam head is hand-painted and is designed to float most lures which greatly changes the dynamics of the flexible soft bodied lure to a more realistic wounded baitfish action. It’s more than just a jerk now!

The Corona™ Swimmer head can also be effectively used with a Carolina rig or as a swim bait.

The Corona™ Swimmer will also fit over a lead sinker or jig head for a slow-sinking action that makes it irresistible to even the most finicky of fish.

Everything you need to get started

Each pack you buy comes with three heads, rubber stoppers, and a hook.

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Dress It Up!™

Add a floating head to almost any soft lure to change both it's appearance and action. Use one of your own baits or buy one from us.

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